Useful Tips
Heavy Earrings
Many earrings are too heavy and will slip off during a performance. The popular way of keeping them on is by using a small amount of NAIL GLUE on the back of the earring and gluing it to your ear. I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS WAY OF WEARING EARRINGS. The glue will ruin your jewelry and your skin.

Some of you have allergic reactions to the glue and your ear lobes will become infected. No one wants to see your ears full of pus. That's pretty gross. If they are infected, use some Neosporin and a Bandage and clear that up.

Another way of doing it is by using a small amount of DUCT TAPE. Place on the back of the earring and adhere to the ear. This works for me very well. You can also place the tape on your lobe first and then glue the earring to the tape. This way the glue does not touch your skin. I do not ever promote using glue EVER, but do what you gotta do.

Covering Eyebrows
I use a GLUE STICK to cover my eyebrows. I first trim them back so they are not huge and bushy. Then, I smear the glue from the glue stick back and forth across the eyebrow so each individual hair within the brow is covered. Then, I smooth down the hair with a wet finger tip, using just a little water. After I allow it to dry for a couple of minutes, I re-apply the glue one more time (be sure to just go in the direction of the hair, to ensure a smooth surface). After letting it dry again, I use some loose powder over the glue, brushing away the excess powder. Once the glue has dried, I should have a smooth surface to apply my foundation..

Broken Jewelry
DO NOT use nail glue on rhinestones and crystals!!!!!!!!!!!! It will cloud
the stone and take away the sparkle and lustre. If a piece is broken, find
a costume jeweler or someone who knows how to solder. They can fix it
properly. If you cannot find one in your area, email me and I will have
you send your things to me and I will try and fix it for you, at a small
fee, of course.

High Heels
DO NOT wear high heels that have lost the heal tips. The "heel tip" is the
little rubber tip on the end of the heel itself. It is there for traction
and comfort. Plus, when you walk or dance in shoes without them, they
squeak on the floor!! And no one wants to hear you squeaking all over the
bar. Just take them to a shoe repair shop. They are in every city in the
nation. They cost about $5 to $10 to repair and your shoes will last you

Washing Wigs
If your hair looks like tumble weed or if you could use it for a pot
scrubber or if your friends keep giving you Gator Aid, your wig probably
needs some attention. It will need washing occasionally. Do yourself and
your audience a favor and give it the Gator Aid.

As we wear wigs over and over again, we use more and more hairspray.
Afterwhile, your hair will look dry and dusty and you will get a hairspray
build-up. You will even see the hairspray build-up. Its time to wash your

Fill the sink with warm (not hot) water. Add your soap or shampoo, about
2-3 TBS. or a heavy squirt. Then add about 1/4 cup of BAKING SODA. Yes,
baking soda.....regular, old fashioned baking soda. The baking soda
desolves the hairspray. Put your wigs down in the water and let them soak
for 30 mins. or more and then push them up and down in the water. The less
you scrub them, the less tangled they become. After you have shampooed
them, drain the water and place them back in the sink, filling it back
with clean water. Then add some regular conditioner. Something from the
dollar store is good. The wig is plastic anyway, it cannot hurt it. Just
add enough to the water to make the wigs kinda slippery. Rinse out most of
the conditioner, leaving alittle in to make it easier to comb though the
wig later. Dry and style the hair as desired.
If you cannot style your own hair, email me and I will hook you up with someone in the nation. I rarely style my own hair and know lots of people who are amazing!

Cutting Pads
Most of us do not have femanine looking bodies. Many of us should wear
pads. Some of you don't and you look stupid. If you are shaped like a man,
you need to create the illusion of a woman. Pads do wonders!

Some people cut out the pads with a pair of scissors. This way is time
consuming and it hurts your hand. Use an ELECTRIC KNIFE. They sell them at
Wal-Mart for about $20.00. They make the task of cutting pads easy and
fast. And we all know that queens like being EASY & FAST. If you need some
made, I will find someone to do this for you.

Gluing Stones
When glueing stones onto fabric outfits, use Flexable/Stretchable Fabric
Glue or E6000. You can buy it at any fabric or craft store, even Wal Mart.
It is better than hot glue. The stones stay on longer. You all know you
have hot glued something onto your costume at the last minute, don't be
lazy and cheap.....spend the extra money and time to make it last.

Panty Hose
WASH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO FUNK ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A stinky bitch in the dressing room is a stinky bitch on stage. You think
the audience cannot smell you? You think the gallons of perfume is gonna
cover it up? Well Honey, think again. Your panty hose are funky and you
are bringing tears to the eyes of the front 2 rows. Put those puppies in a
sweater bag and throw them in the washing machine.

THAT'S WHY GOD MADE WATER!! You are killing people!! Did your mamma teach
you to be disgusting? Damn Girl...how do you get dates? You give 'em a gas
mask first?

(A sweater bag is a mesh bag with a zipper used for your delicate
washables. They sell them at the grocery store, Walgreens, Wal Mart and
the Dollar Store.)

When being a title holder, always represent that system and yourself as best you can! Always be a lady. Take pictures with all your fans and let them know how much you appreciate them. Remember you never know who is watching, nor who you are upsetting by not giving someone the time of day. Try to say positive things about everyone because you must always remember you were there once or will be in the future!

If your attitude sucks, NO ONE will want to work with you. That includes
bar owners, fellow entertainers, sound & lighting people, dressers and
especially your audience. Having a "DIVA ATTITUDE" is a bunch of
BULLSHIT!!! No one gives a damn who you think you are. You are a MAN IN A
DRESS HONEY..... Get used to it!!!

Treat people how you want to be treated. If you steal anything or treat
someone badly, do you think you are going to be asked back? NO WAY!!! The
exact opposite will happen.......... They will go to everyone they know
and tell them what happened to them. Then, it snow balls and you have to
move to another city. And, with the internet, your shit WILL follow you.

Don't think you can just walk away, you need to make amends (apologize for
your actions). It is up to that person whether or not they accept your
apology. Damn it, just be an adult with a conscience. Ya know the
saying....."do unto others............."

Don't let the business consume you or who you are as a person! ALWAYS stay true to yourself and all the people that were there for you in the beginning....remember at the end of a show you MUST take the mask off and be REAL! Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I'm a good person?"
It's good to be queen!
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